Workout Wednesday is A Hoot

The doc gave me the go ahead……. So of course I became determined to go to every known place in this small city of mine. Then this morning I felt so chipper that I could do the three and whatever long miles this trail here is……. So I took off in stride. The birds were singing and winking at me “it’s you again, I missed you!” “Aww, I missed you too! Have a good flight!” Waving him off. I get on the trail. PEOPLE! I missed you, okay well some of you! I Smiled and said good morning to EACH and EVERYONE! One person in particular just glared at me like I peed on his shoes from the 8feet distance I was from him. Sheesh! I was having a Disney moment and this fool obviously needs some Disney in his life. Or a hug from his love or his cat. Then two women a mile after his encounter did same thing. I hope they have a WONDERFUL day and lose that weight they’re aiming for! I went to my happy place and thought of Tom Hanks……. THERE! There she was. The same little ol’ lady I’ve been dreaming of tipping over. Running faster than me still. Smiling. Not even breathless. Umm and that was her third time passing me lol I shiz you not. I was moving at the rate of snail. So I’m pretty sure my walk was just as long as all of the “Lord Of The Rings” movies combined. Hahaha =P

Have a great workout Wednesday! Don’t lose sight of your goals. Don’t compare yourself to someone else’s higher level. You’ll get there at your own pace.



Friday Funnies

I don’t know if you are in horrible need of laughter, but I sure as HELLo am. This year has not been my year so far haha I seem to have a nak for running into D bags.
The moment I see someone treating someone differently because of their appearance and are too into themselves to ask them anything THAT’S when I feel myself blocking them and don’t care to talk. Feel me!?









Bed Rest =(

I’m sure you could imagine just how I feel being cooped up in my bedroom for recovery. But in case you don’t here’s a list:

* I’m in a room with four white walls minus the padding. So that makes me not craZy.

*I pretty much feel like Ariel from “The Little Mermaid” right now……. I wanna be where the people are. Out where they walk, out where they run. Out where they stay all day in the sun.

* You know something is wrong with you when you actually start to miss being around your child. Being on bed rest has it’s way of making any NoNo’s they’ve done fade away behind their precious smiles. So you let ‘em in……… Then KABLAM the memories flood back. In my case- MelMel pushes her shopping cart full of toys, bringing her room to mine, tipping the cart to let them party up in here! THAT HAPPENED! What a beautiful mess…….. That I WON’T be cleaning up. That I CAN’T clean up. YEP! So don’t feel sorry for me lucking out on this mess, feel sorry for my mom. She dealt with me, now my angelic spawn. MUWAHAHA =P please keep her in your prayers.

* You begin to hear the distant cries of your child getting into trouble from beyond your closed bedroom door as if they’re sending you a message,”Soon Mom! Real Soooooon!” Making this bed rest a bit more teeth grinding, chilling.

* You start off googling stuff like: how to make a pillow case. Because THAT’S doable in bed.
Then two hours later you end up googling: what do unicorns eat? How to a tame shark. Can a chicken dance or is it considered dancing when it moves? (Because someone out there has ALLLLLL of these answers)

* You start to hone in on weird noises you’ve never heard before. Almost like a seventh sense.

* The animal kingdom wants in on the bedroom action. All the excitement I can handle right now, let me tell you…… I’m chillin’ in bed. I hear pitter patter on the roof and a large thud outside my window. WTF mate! What the F was that!? My mom comes running in looking at me confused. She thought I fell out of bed….. Umm as if I’d make a loud thud like that, thank you very much haha…… We go to the window, RACCOON! In my mind I’m picturing this sucker walking on the roof trying to find a good way to get down. He just decides to come over to my side of the house and decide,”F it! Looks like a good place to fall!” And just tips himself over the edge haha

After reviewing my list….. I have came to the conclusion that being on bed rest isn’t as bad as I thought……. In fact leaving the room is far worse.

Friday Funnies

T’is time for Friday Funnies. I’ve been MIA for some days now.

SURGERY! Both procedures went good. According to them, I woke up during surgery to say hiiiiii to everyone lol I do not recall any of this! They put me back under until it was all done. I woke up not so happy for obvious reasons.
A nurse wanted to touch one if three incision spots…… HECK YEAH I pushed her hand away! “Sweetheart, you’ve got to let me see if it’s hard.” She put her hand down, I swiped,”NO!” She tried again,”ah nooo!” And as I swiped her with one hand, she got me with other hand lol Well played Nurse. Well played! “AAAHHHH!” I never thought I’d be a pusher awayer!

So I need a good laugh this Friday, how about you!!! Laugh on my friends!!!














Raining Men Here

I’m laying in bed all peacefully as I hear footsteps on the roof…… I walk outside to scope it out. YEP! A man on the roof looking back at me. I causally walk back inside because we all know if you run they will run after you.
“MOM! IT’S RAINING MAN! There’s a man on your roof!”
“TWO up there,honey!” Said all casual like a normal occurrence in the Hughes house hold,”Skylight is being worked on”

FALSE ALARM people! It’s not really raining men.

Later on I tell my friend about it. The first thing she asks,”Was he hot?”
“If there’s a man on your roof the last thing that’ll register is if he’s hot! He’s just freaking craZy!”