Workout Wednesday Shopping!

Workout Wednesday!
I hope your workout towards your goal was as much fun as mine was today.
All I did was walk around the mall and go store to store. I don’t feel the pinging in my legs like I would my 5 mile walk, but my feet are killing me!!!! I decided to wear heels today……… I know it’s not very smart to run around in heels to do errands. I was just wanting to glam up. At least I lasted for 8 hours before the pain set in for the final hour. That was a “blast”! It felt like I let kids jump all over my feet and walked barefoot on jagged concrete.
So in a way I kind of worked out.
Walk walk walk!

And I found another way to be skinnier as seen the picture. =P it works even if You didn’t workout today! =P


Mistaken Identities

I’ve been meaning to write about this and other things a few days ago, but like I said I’ve been busy talking non stop with my mom. Plus, when it comes to describing people, they get all touchy an stuff. If they look green- I’m going to say they’re green. No negative connotation.

MelMel came running to me, plopping herself next to me on the bench after playing on the playground with her Grandma. MelMel had been talking (babbling) a lot to a little black girl wearing a purple and white stripe shirt who looked one year older than her. Going down the sister slides at the same time.
My mom went on to saying how that little girl said “Daddy!” Reaching for him as she went down the slide. So Melody called him DaDa reaching for him. Awwww =\ Then my mom goes,”But THAT wasn’t what I was afraid of her saying. I was afraid she was going to call that little girl Doc McStuffins!”
I about lost it lol because I honestly have been anticipating a moment like that. So of course I’m going to have to stand there in front of them,”Oh no honey, that’s not Doc McStuffins,” I’d look over at the little girl who got mistaken as Doc McStuffins,”What is your name sweet heart?”
Look back to Melody,”This is Natalie.”
All without laughing because I don’t need to get a doo doo meany tongue-out attitude look from a little kid turned snippy conniption fit devil chihuahua. Or I’m going to have to be all,”Calm down Doc McStuffins. You’re only five! Yeah! Go tell yo momma! No! I’ll go tell her!” =P lol kidding!

Speaking of chi-WA-WAs, it’s nice not seeing them everywhere like I did in Texas. You know the devil comes in many forms and I’m more than positive that I’ve met Satan disguised as a chihuahua! =P those evil rats with over grown legs. Nice try to scare me away from Taco Bell though!

Only long hair chihuahuas are acceptable.
That is all.
Thank you!

Morning Doo Talk

Do you know how good it feels to go to the bathroom alone!?! I FINALLY got to today – A L O N E! Unlike this morning when my old doggy Jasmine somehow poked her way in. Then MelMel barges in leaving the door wide open. Handing me her reindeer and Barney. Yeah, just who I wanted to do my morning doo with. Oh! And here comes my mom talking to me about how cute Melody is. Apparently no one can smells the roses. Lol =P

All of you people who get to pop a squat alone scrolling on your cell phones or whatever it is you do while you doo, cherish it! Take that all in. Live in THAT moment! Don’t take it for granted.

No One’s There

My mom is sprucing up her great room’s built-in. So I’ve been helping by painting and polyurethaning the shelves as she sands and paints the built-in.
The door bell rings, it’s the yard man. I told him she was busy and would call later. She didn’t want to be disturbed.
I go back outside on the deck to continue painting the shelves white. 15 mins later my mom sticks her head out of sliding glass door whispering,”Shawna, come here!”
Umm ok? Why’s she whispering? I walk over to her.
She leans in,”There’s someone in the house!”
“Shhhh! I hear them shutting doors and walking down that hallway!” Pointing to the one leading to our rooms.

You know, normal people would just leave the house and call the cops. But since we’re white we want to go check sh!t out!

Obviously she wants me to since she pulled me in by the arm as she bails to go get Melody playing in her new castle sandbox. Wich brought back memories of when she made me go into our house in Nebraska while I was in my Forest Gump leg mobilizer. YEAH! Let me repeat that last part – while I was wearing my leg mobilizer. THAT HAPPENED! lol I love reminding her about that time. A story to tell y’all for another time.

SoooooO0Ooooo what thee F am I going to do if someone comes at me? Throw myself at them and hope for the best?! Care Bear stare them down?! Release the baby?! Charge at them screaming, flailing my arms like a mad women, shaking my head hoping they get scared enough to GTFO (get the f out) ?! My body’s not capable of much mass destruction right now with this cyst. I think she forgot about that.
I went to pick up the long pipe we use to dead bolt the sliding glass door. I reached down not to far from the pipe to grab MelMel’s kissy Valentine’s Bear. I walk slowly to the hallway and thought I heard footsteps walk into their office. This sends me into fight flight mode. I’m just not normal. I near the corner to turn into the hallway. I look at the teddy bear,”Ready!?” I kiss the bear and chuck it down the hallway. Smacking down in the center square where the entry to the rooms are. Hoping it would cause a reaction from the intruder. NOTHING!
I walk slowly down. Normally I’d like to say hello at this point to be welcoming to our uninvited guest (cuz you know, I’m white and all lol) but since I had an idea where they were why not surprise them. I reach the door and quickly look in. All the lights are off, but it’s caveman dark in the office thanks to their curtains. I go in with my pipe all FBI,shut the door to make sure no ones behind it and no one leaves this room. I swing the pipe around in the closet, under desk, the curtain. NOTHING!
Maybe the bathroom. I briskly walk to the bath room, swing the pipe opening the shower curtain. Nada!
But then…….. I got this horrible feeling like I was being watched. They could see me. Wich reminded me of what I saw staying in the guest room a few years ago. THUD* against the shower wall from other side! That’s my room! My closet!
I exit the bathroom and my door is closed. I never close my door. At this point I was so scared I was mad. I open it like nothing was going on and fling open my closet and swing. NADA!!!!! Are you F’ing kidding me!

I do a quick look through Melody’s room. Clear.
She comes in carrying Melody.
I’m half way down the hallway when I see them,”I thought maybe that guy got in because he really wanted to ask you about working on your yard!” Lol
“It was nothing!?!?”
“Noth-” *BANG* my door slams shut!
They freeze.
I turn around having to brave for them lol Now everything is dark!
I go fling open my bedroom door. Nothing. I check under the bed since I didn’t before………..Not even a monster is in there. I feel a cool breeze go past arm. I look over from where it came from.
I forgot I opened my window to air out the room.


I felt so much better.
My mom did too, but swore she heard footsteps going down the hallway. So I thought back to what crossed my mind in the restroom,”Well maybe it was that military man’s ghost that I saw years back! Hahaha!” True story. I described him to a T in his uniform and it turned out he was owner at one point. *Dun dun dun* I know what I saw and after staying at those crummy apartments we were in before we got here, I’m certain about unexplainable stuff.

My mom shook her head,”Maybe he disapproves of me remodeling! Hahaha!” She doesn’t believe in that stuff so it was funnier that she joked about it instead of disproving my sighting.