#2533 Attempting To Sleep

I don’t know how long I’ve been trying to sleep because I don’t remember when I laid down to try. But if I weren’t up I wouldn’t be hearing all of what goes on while I sleep. It was 2:30 when I checked the clock after hearing what sounded like faint gun shots. Ugh not again. But it was a lady pounding on a door apartments across from us for a cigg….. Then ran down side walk “All I want is a cigarette!” While that’s happening the man above (not God, I’m referring to our neighbor) is walking around. Looks out window at the lady. Walks around more. Rolls a barrel across the floor. Drops things on floor. All my mind is telling me “meth lab”! Maybe I’m having “Breaking Bad” withdrawals? Or I actually learned from it! Science B!tch =P The real question is, How am I sleeping through all of this!? Come on I.S.S.T! Insomnia Sheep Swat Team! Right before I heard the man above, I wished someone would be up to talk to. Not a minute later my friend texts me “are you up?” For all that is holy, thank you for hearing me! Lol

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