Kimye’s Music Video

My mom is in more of the know than me. Telling me to watch the new Kanye West music video and sent me a link with an article making fun of it. I figured they would make a video but THAT was it? And to THAT song? Keepin’ it “classy” I guess. Basically low budget soft core porn. Her close ups didn’t look like she enjoyed it much. Couldn’t pay enough for a decent scenery. The budget was wasted at the opening clips of wilderness and horses running. It wasn’t cold enough driving through a snowy scenery to perk her nips up but I don’t think that’s acceptable on tv. They’ve shown worse on music videos and blurred out the image. For the record, Nick Night has directed better stuff than this. I really expected over the top gloriousness. Hmmmm…. If I were to make a music video with my man hunk, it’d be luxurious in some way. He would not wear flannel on flannel. You would see how he got rips in his shirt from our passionate PG13 make out session like Enrique Iglesias and Jennifer Love Hewitt in his music video “I can be your hero baby. I will take away your pain”. There’d be a dance scene of some sort. A fight scene for him to man it up lol And It would have meaningful lyrics, not b!tch and sh!t used. That’s just me. And if I had announced a sexy time spot, it’d be better than “in the sink”.
I’m not trying to be mean. I don’t want to see Kim or Kimye make that pouty face.

Oh! I found a scene they forgot to use cruising by and have horses running beside them.


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